It is with great honor to announce that our application has been accepted by Liverpool F.C. to become an Official LFC Supporters Club (OLSC). All of us are overwhelmed with joy and cannot express our gratitude to the Liverpool Football Club. We thank everyone for their love and continuing support of the Pasadena Reds as none of this would have been possible without you. You can find our supporter group on the Liverpool Official Supporters Club page in the “North American” section. Thank you again everyone, we love you all very much and are very happy we were able to reach this accomplishment.


Oh when the REDS!

Welcome to the Pasadena Reds website! We are very excited to launch and will be looking forward to posting articles and future events we have planned this year. Make sure to check out the News & Events section to receive the latest news from the Pasadena Reds. Also, check out the Connect page and give us a follow on the social media platforms you use. 


Our Pub

Every Saturday & Sunday morning we have a pub that opens up for us as early as 4:00 am.....FOR US. We are grateful for our pub and we thank Peggy for allowing us to knock on their door at such an early time to watch some footy. The Pasadena Reds have watched their games here for quite some time and we only plan to stay and grow our supporter family here at this wonderful pub as we all watch our Mighty REDS!


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